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icona Ecclesiae Venetae Historical Archives of the Church in the Veneto

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Guida on-line agli archivi non statali
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The Sistema Informativo Unificato per le Soprintendenze Archivistiche (Unified Information System for the Supervision Agencies) better known as SIUSA, intends to be the primary access node to non state archival documents, both public and private, which are not kept by State Archives.

The system describes the archival fonds according to a multi-level description; the creators (bodies, people and families) who produced the documents performing their activities; those (person or body) who preserve (custody) the archives.

General historical, administrative and archival informations are provided, to allow a better comprehension of the context.

SIUSA includes also some thematic paths, concerning several projects promoted by the Direzione generale per gli archivi (General Directorate for Archives) on a nation wide level, in cooperation with the Supervision Agencies, using common criteria to describe the items.

Eventually, SIUSA hosts also Projects describing non state archives as a result of the cooperation with different institutions.

It is possibile to search the data using three different options:
Simple Search returns all the items containing the input term or terms (read by the system as a text string); Guided Search allows you to select the information using general indexes of the fonds, of those who produced them (creators) and of those who keep them (custodians). Advanced Search is intended for those who have exact and accurate queries and allows to match data concerning different components of the system and to choose the form of the results.
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