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icona Ecclesiae Venetae Historical Archives of the Church in the Veneto

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Historical Archives of the Church in Vicenza

The computer aided inventory of the Church Archives of the Diocese of Vicenza started in 1996, as part of the project “Ecclesiae Venetae”, enforced after an agreement between Ministero per i Beni e le attività culturali (Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities) and the Veneto Regional Administration and it is still updated. It involved the fonds of the Curia as well as these of the Mensa vescovile(the revenues of the bishop), of the formerly collected in the Archiv of the Curia and other connected and annexed fonds and was extended to the precious archive of the Cathedral Chapter.
Since the 1999 the census and the inventory of the archives of the parish church without a residing presbyter, started with the cooperation of the Diocesan Office for cultural heritage.
The entire data base, established according to the international archival standards of description, is a full information system of the whole of historical archive of the Church in Vicenza, also accessible in the Historical Archive of the Diocese using printed inventories and by dynamic display and the search support of the software Arcana.
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