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Gli archivi della Toscana

The Unified Information System of the Archival Superintendencies (SIUSA), created and maintained by the General Directorate for Archives in collaboration with Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, describes the public and private archival heritage which is preserved out of the State Archives, hence it is not under the control of the government but is directly administrated by the Archival Superintendencies.
SIUSA - The Archives of Tuscany gives access to information on the archival heritage in the Region of Tuscany, which is ruled by the Archival Superintendency for Tuscany.

The Archival Superintendency for Tuscany has been working for years at the development of SIUSA, after entering in the System data describing the various types of archives located in the regional territory (such as: municipal archives, archives of physical persons and families, of dioceses and parishes, of corporate bodies and associations, of assistance and charitable institutions, of universities and educational bodies, of enterprises, of religious organizations, etc.).

Those information are continuously updated and extended thanks to the contribute and collaboration of the Region of Tuscany, ruled by a formal agreement.
SIUSA joins together short descriptions of the archives and of their content, information on corporate bodies, physical persons and families who produced the archival documents, and on the institutions preserving the archival documents.
SIUSA is thus a guide to the archival funds, with their internal partitions, that allows, after browsing such information through various relations, to reach in some cases even the analytical description of the archival documents.

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