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icona Ecclesiae Venetae Historical Archives of the Church in the Veneto

icona Inquisition Census of the Archives of the Inquisition in Italy

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Thematic paths

The thematic paths focus on special projects promoted by the General Directorate on a nationl wide level, using common criteria to describe the items.

icona The Archives of Contemporary Architecture
The project focuses on the archives of architects and engineers of the XX Century, describing their consistency and giving the possibility - for some of them - to have web access to the analytic inventories, supported by high quality reproductions of the drawings and graphs.

icona Papers to be bound
With the final end of the asylums for mental disease, the preservation of the archives of those institutes became an urgency.
This project succeeded in making inventories and improving the value of the archives of former Psychiatric Hospitals, especially for sanitary fonds, using homogeneous approach for descriptions through the whole Italian territory.

icona The Archives of Music
This thematic path has been created by the Direzione generale per gli archivi (General Directorate for Archives) and is intended to help users locate music archives of the Twentieth century, and, to a limited extent, of the Nineteenth century. In the near future, we hope to broaden the chronological range of web searchable fonds and finding aids to earlier centuries.

icona The Archives of Psychology

icona Gli archivi di impresa

icona Gli archivi al femminile

icona La fotografia negli archivi

icona Gli archivi dello spettacolo

icona Le fonti audiovisive negli archivi

icona Archivi e arti

icona Gli archivi per la storia dell’Ebraismo

icona Gli archivi della politica e del sindacato

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